Statement Dark Blue Chalcedony Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Square Abalone Charm


Make a bold statement with our Dark Blue Chalcedony Beaded Stretch Bracelet featuring a captivating square Abalone charm. This bracelet showcases dark blue Chalcedony beads that exude elegance and sophistication.
The smooth and lustrous Chalcedony beads are carefully selected for their deep blue hue, reflecting the tranquility of the ocean. Each bead is skillfully strung on a stretch cord, ensuring a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes.
The centerpiece of this stunning bracelet is the square Abalone charm, known for its iridescent beauty and natural patterns. The unique colors and textures of the Abalone shell add a touch of intrigue and allure to the design.
Chalcedony is believed to promote calmness, communication, and emotional balance. It is known to soothe the mind and encourage positive energy flow. When combined with the captivating Abalone charm, this bracelet becomes a symbol of inner strength and harmony.
Whether worn alone or layered with other bracelets, this Dark Blue Chalcedony Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Square Abalone Charm will elevate your style and inspire a sense of serenity. It is a perfect accessory for casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.
Experience the allure of Chalcedony and the enchantment of Abalone with this exquisite statement bracelet. Order yours today and embrace the beauty and tranquility it brings to your life.

Chalcedony is a caring stone that absorbs and eliminates negative energy before passing it on. It instills feelings of benevolence and charity, encourages brotherhood and goodwill, and opens the mind to new ideas.

Native American Indians believed chalcedony was a sacred stone and used it to create stability during ceremonial events. It’s still used for meditations and as a technique to receive successful thought transmissions today.

  • Handmade item
  • Bracelet width: 12 Millimeters
  • Materials: beads, stones, rocks, gemstones
  • Adjustable
  • Length approximately 8 inches


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