Purple Angelite Gemstone Stretch bracelet with Gold Crown Charm


Hand-made, smooth Purple Angelite Stone. Round 10 mm Beads with gold dangling crown charm.

These stone beads made of purple Angelite are stunning! Each is exquisitely painted in various purple tones, like exquisite mosaic work.
I could hold and study these palm stones for hours, taking in all their hues’ mystical knowledge.
The mineral Angelite is regarded as the world’s most powerful healer. It also helps to balance the chakras 4, 7, and those above the etheric plane.

Handmade item
Ships from a small business in Illinois
Bracelet width: 10 Millimeters; Bracelet Length: 10 Inches
Materials: Gemstone
Gemstone: Purple Angelite
Can be personalized
Made to Order



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